Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Things change, we evolve and frankly I would like to have a little more fun with my new found lifestyle.
I just finished a 100 Reality Challenge, I endured through a boatload of technical difficulties and that honestly was a blessing. I got to read. I got to the point where I realized it was time for an upgrade.
POOF new laptop, better equipment, programs tools and now Opportunity.
The kind of opportunity that puts me in front of 150,000 listeners on radio broadcasts where I, as an added perk get to pick some tunes.
Now I collect quality people like this to my you tube channel. I love them, we network but I also attracted the Looksies- and the Remote Controllers.
You can't watch TV all day because you got downsized.
I didn't, I've been here long enough to know if you lose thousands, and you know that the more you learn from failure the stronger your success, KEEP GOING!
It pays off when YOU are ready for it.
It cannot come any sooner. YOU must be ready to receive the lifestyle that you are creating and designing. YOU have to occasionally clean the garage or the basement to make room for all the new stuff.
YOU have to call for the lifestyle that you want and then just start living it!
Be willing to work hard. Play hard and enjoy it! Remember to include pieces to your new life that bring you joy.
Time with those that you love.
Time for love.
The space to live.
The laughter and the sights.
Its not a pipe dream and its not hype. Its your life, when are you going to realize that YOU have complete control over living it to the fullest, or not?
Your small business is part of your life.
The techniques that you apply to either will make or brake them both. These work across the web and in the brick and mortar world. I can't sugar coat this and say you will succeed! That is not up to me. Its up to you.
How hard are you willing to work?
What is it that drives you to be more, do more, yes even have more! So many of us are sick of not having more and THEM keeping it all for themselves. Its time the Little Guy stepped up to bat.
The number of streams of income or creativity that you have to work with are limited only by you. Don't think in limits. Shoot for the stars. Like those limitless summer night skies when the moon is dark. Infinite possibilities.